Daniel Peukert

Location: Prague, Czechia Willing to relocate
Full Stack Web Developer


Built with:
Node.js, Express, mongoDB, EET API, Aukro API

I developed and maintain a complete solution for sellers on the Aukro marketplace to comply with the EET (Electronic Registration of Sales) legislation in Czechia. Every order is automatically submitted to the Financial Authority and a receipt is sent to the customer by email using the EET and Aukro APIs on the backend while the frontend enables users to easily configure their accounts and allows them to submit orders manually. The frontend was designed by Michal Puchmertl at Lumistudio.

Descenders Seeds

Built with:
Vue.js, Node.js, Express, mongoDB, JWT, OpenID 2.0

As a fan of the recently released downhill biking game Descenders, I decided to build a website for sharing "seeds" (unique identifiers of the procedurally generated levels) with other players. Seeds are copied to the user's clipboard with a click of a button and can be pasted into the game. Users can sign in with their Steam account, which enables them to like seeds and share their own. Working on this project helped me gain experience with JWT and OpenID authentication, while doing something useful for the game's community. Most of the planned functionality has already been implemented, but there is still some work to be done (e.g. search).

Other projects

I contribute to open source on GitLab and GitHub.

I maintain several AUR packages for Arch Linux.

I wrote a shell script to automatically set up my Arch Linux machines.

I sometimes take part in (and help mod the subreddit of) DevWars, a webdev game show.

I wrote and maintain a couple of Firefox and Chrome extensions.

I occasionally tinker with my Arduino, Raspberry Pi or ESP8266 boards.

Work projects

caffeadria.cz - created a Joomla template from scratch based on a provided design
soukromeskoly.cz - created a Joomla template from scratch based on a provided design
jumbo-stehovani.cz - created a Joomla template from scratch based on a provided design
officecatering.cz - built a custom solution for ordering catering services with PHP, Bootstrap and jQuery

Older projects

(these do not represent my current abilities, but they are still a part of what got me where I am today)
sdruzeni​pro​vltavu.cz - custom built website for a nonprofit - jQuery, PHP
cago.cz - custom built website for a summer canoeing camp - jQuery, PHP
Better Battlelog plugins - plugins for the Better Battlelog browser extension - jQuery


HTML + SCSS + JavaScript (ES6)









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