Backend Web Developer, Česká televize

- present

PHP, Drupal, API Platform, Docker, Kubernetes

My responsibilities include developing new features for and maintaining products of the Nová média (New media) division, including the ČT24 news site (Drupal-based), ČT Sport sport news site and various internal systems. I also work on developing APIs for a new microservice-based content management system, which will replace several system currently in use, making future feature development easier and simplifying the workflows of internal clients.

Some of the projects I worked on:

Development of an internal service for processing XML election data provided by the Czech Statistical Office, calculating ongoing results and storing data in an API, development of the aforementioned API, which is subsequently used by web applications on the ČT24 website and ČT24 mobile apps.

The service and API were developed with reusability for all election types in mind, while making sure that its performance allows the current election results to be shown to users in the shortest amount of time possible.

I've worked on modules for the Chamber of Deputies (2021), Senate (2022), municipal (2022) and presidential (2023) elections.

Implementing an API which enables the modern Teletext web application to be connected to a existing service, improving the user experience of using this classic service for new and existing users alike.

Co-Owner, Full Stack Web Developer, AutoEET


HTML, JS, SCSS, Node.js, Express, mongoDB, EET API, Aukro API

I developed and maintained a complete solution for sellers on the Aukro marketplace to comply with the EET (Electronic Registration of Sales) legislation in Czechia. Every order was automatically submitted to the Financial Authority and a receipt was sent to the customer by email using the EET and Aukro APIs on the backend while the frontend enabled users to easily configure their accounts and allowed them to submit orders manually.

Web Developer, SSŠVT



During my studies at SSŠVT, I joined the web development team to work on several customer projects. My responsibilities included creating custom Joomla templates based on designs that were provided to me, developing custom Joomla extensions, data entry and occasional standalone website development.

Some of the projects I worked on:
caffeadria.cz, soukromeskoly.cz, jumbo-stehovani.cz - custom Joomla templates
officecatering.cz - custom solution for ordering catering services


TOEIC Listening and Reading


990 pts (C1)

IT Essentials

Cisco Networking Academy

Passed with merit

Graphic Design and Web Development


SSŠVT - Private Secondary School of Information Technology

Graduated with distinction